Benefits of Emu Oil and shampoo for your furry friends

If your pet is not using Emu oil and shampoo, then you need to do something about it. Emu oil is effectively used to treat a pet when it has a scratch, a bite wound or even an itch. It is the first thing you should think about when you need to treat your pet(s). Emu oil shampoo for pets can give your pet a healthy, shiny and thick coat. Emu oil is an anti-inflammatory, non-toxic, safe and natural product. Its sheer benefits can stretch into an inexhaustible infinity.

Emu oil can treat just about anything in pets. From animal burns, ear infections and mites, to bites, wounds, eczema and arthritis. Thanks to Emu’s oil anti-inflammatory properties, it can effectively be used on all kinds of animals, including horses, cats and dogs. In most animal stores today, you can find Emu oil for dogs, even horses being sold. Many pet owners have discovered the crucial benefits of using Emu oil on their pets. Here is why pets require Emu oil.

Reasons Why Emu Oil and Shampoo Can Benefit Your Pet

Soothes the skin – Emu oil and shampoo effectively cures and soothes skin irritations on your pet. During summer, pets are wont to scratch a lot. The scratching is brought about by allergies, sunburns, ear mites and bug bites. But Emu oil shampoo for pets replenishes, heals the skin.

It is safe – Emu oil is natural and does not contain any toxins. While prescription products may mask your pet’s symptoms rather than alleviate them causing long term damage, Emu oil for dogs, even horses and other animals, safely penetrates the skin and provides relief for the pets.

It possesses anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties – Animals, like humans, experience arthritis, joint stiffness, and muscle pain. Emu oil, when rubbed on your pet’s body, releases anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce pain and loosen stiffness thus helping mobility.

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Cures stomach problems – Emu oil for your furry friends have been known to help stomach problems as it has high levels of essential fatty acids. In fact, Emu oil is a recommended dietary supplement for all family pets. Adding emu oil supplements in pets food increases energy too.

Additional Emu Oil and Shampoo Benefits for Pets

Contains Omega 3, 6, 9 and other fatty acids – Emu oil is non-toxic thus can be licked by your pet and cause no harm, because it comprises of fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9. All these are vitally responsible for restoring moisture and replenishing damaged tissues and skin of your pet.

Restores hair on pets – Yes! Emu oil shampoo for pets restores hair and makes it healthy, shiny and strong. Hair loss, bleeding and possible infection on your pet’s skin can easily be restored back to normal  if you externally rub Emu oil on the pets skin or wash it daily in Emu shampoo.

Cleansing properties – Emu oil for dogs are used for cleansing purposes even on reptiles, ferrets and birds. Cleansing helps your pet’s hair or fur look very healthy, shiny and thick to the touch. So to cleanse pets’ blood internally, go for Emu oil. It is the answer you need.

Cures lame joints – Emu oil has been known to cure lame joints in animals including, cats, dogs, horses and birds. It reduces the inflammation and soreness on the joints that the pet is experiencing. So, applications of Emu oil based products help joints much.

What to Look For When Buying Emu Oil Shampoo For Pets

It is important that when selecting the right Emu oil product for your pets skin, especially if you are new to the product, do not just consider the price but also the origin and purity of the product. The market is awash with numerous Emu oil products for pets that masquerade as genuine, while in the real sense they are harmful products that can cause permanent, long-term damage on your pet’s skin. Look out for Emu oil for your pets that are genuine and pure.

Prior to purchasing Emu oil products, confirm how the oil brand in question processes its oil. Many unscrupulous manufactures cut their oil with additives or do not properly process the Emu oil shampoo products so as to produce it more cheaply. Many contain harmful soaps and detergents which only dry the skin. Watch out!

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